It has been two years since CRC and Crump merged, and this fall, we are unifying our brands. Each CRC|Crump office will change its name to CRC or SCU before the end of the year. Our brokers, underwriters, and office locations will not change. Our people, now backed by the strongest and most stable wholesalers in the country, are more focused than ever on serving the needs of our retail partners.

Office Conversion Schedule

6/9/2014 Conversion Complete CRC|Crump Atlanta becomes CRC Atlanta
Conversion Complete CRC|Crump Haupaugge becomes CRC Haupaugge
7/21/2014 Conversion Complete CRC|Crump Santa Ana becomes CRC Santa Ana
Conversion Complete CRC|Crump Portland becomes CRC Portland
Conversion Complete CRC|Crump Bothell becomes CRC Bothell
Conversion Complete CRC|Crump Memphis becomes SCU Memphis
8/18/2014   CRC|Crump San Francisco (California St.) becomes CRC San Francisco (California St.)
  CRC|Crump San Francisco (Embarcadero Center) becomes CRC San Francisco (Embarcadero Center)
  CRC|Crump Houston (Northwest Freeway) becomes SCU Houston (Northwest Freeway)
9/15/2014   CRC|Crump Chicago becomes CRC Chicago
  CRC|Crump Roseland becomes CRC Roseland
  CRC|Crump Chicago BAU becomes SCU Chicago
  CRC|Crump Orlando becomes SCU Orlando
10/20/2014   CRC|Crump Denver becomes CRC Denver
  CRC|Crump Jericho becomes CRC Jericho
  CRC|Crump New York (Midtown) becomes CRC New York (Midtown)
  CRC|Crump New York (Water Street) becomes CRC New York (Water Street)
  CRC|Crump Cincinatti becomes CRC Cincinatti
  CRC|Crump Metairie becomes SCU Metairie
11/17/2014   CRC|Crump Nashville becomes CRC Nashville
  CRC|Crump Dallas (Walnut Hill) becomes CRC Dallas (Walnut Hill)

Here's what you need to know:

  • Email addresses for our staff may change.
  • Phone numbers and office addresses will remain the same
  • There will be no change in accounting remittance addresses or contracts at this time.
  • This is a name change only.. There is no change to the legal entity name or structure.

If you have any questions about the transition please let us know:

CRC Wholesale Group
1 Metroplex Dr. Suite 400
Birmingham, AL 35209