Underwriting Division

Our underwriting operations include SCU, JH Blades and Tapco Underwriters.


SCU offers a full range of placement services, including in-house authority with a number of top rated carriers for numerous classes and lines of coverage. The brokers and underwriters at SCU have spent years working closely with markets and independent retailers to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to handle nearly any small-to-medium size risk.

JH Blades

JH Blades specializes in energy and marine related risks and is well known in the industry for their knowledge and expertise. With over fifty year's experience, JH Blades have the creativity and relationships with markets, underwriters and brokers worldwide to place your most complex energy and marine risks.


Tapco Underwriters is the nation's leading small account MGA facility. Tapco's success is based on its exclusive call-center service model and proprietary technology platform. During a five minute phone call, a Tapco underwriter can search multiple markets, navigate through multiple quotes, narrow the selection, and bind the option that best fits the account. Doing business with Tapco is just that easy.

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